3 Top Construction Management Softwares

Based on their popularity and features, the top three Construction Management softwares-

  • 1. Procore
  • 2. Buildertrend
  • 3. CoConstruct
  • 1. Procore

    Procore is a fast growing construction management solution for the construction industry. It is a cloud-based solution and it includes features for post bidding construction management on the jobsite. Its product features include drawings, meetings, photos, RFI, schedule, specifications and so on to manage all the parts of a construction jobsite.
    It also has emphasis on quality and safety including incidence inspection reports and observations.
    It is integrated with accounting and invoicing and has financial features like budgeting, change order management, and cost management.
    It also has apps to follow the time cards and crew working on the field.


    Buildertrend claims to be the number one software for home Builders and remodelers. It is also a cloud based complete construction management solution. It has many features including Estimation and bidding, CRM, Customer login, proposals and email marketing.
    After you have bagged a project, its other features come into play to take care of the job site management including daily logs, scheduling, messaging, to do tasks, documents, as well as managing subcontractors who are called trade partners.
    It also has financial tools such as payment processing to accept and send payments from the clients and the subcontractors. It has accounting integrations and job costing and budgeting as well as integration for quickbooks and Xero for accounting as well as Paypal for online payments.
    It has features like time clocks, invoicing, purchase Orders, and change orders to manage the financial side of the project.

    3. CoConstruct

    It claims to be the highest rated software for Custom home Builders and Remodelers.
    This construction management solution has got coordination features, communication and control features for full jobsite construction management functions.
    It has scheduling that you can co-ordinate between the field and the office, it has to dos, punchlists, files and documents, and tracking for onsite progress.
    It also has some CRM features like lead tracking and tracking change orders, expenses and coordinating proposals from vendors.
    Its financial features like estimating, building proposals, budgeting and forecasting including change Orders and timesheet management. It is integrated with accounting system and invoices. Overall it is a comprehensive construction management system for construction projects.

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