Brick Masonry veneer

Brick Masonry veneer is a type of external wall finish with bricks which make a good external finish material.

Since bricks are porous, they can absorb moisture to a large extent. Light wooden house frames can be faced with masonry veneer.

Corrugated metal ties are inserted at regular distance to prevent masonry from falling away from the building and allow for thermal expansion or movement.

Apart from brick other materials can be used for external finish such as :

  • Artificial stone
  • Fiber based cement panels
  • Stucco
  • Aluminum siding
  • Wooden shingles often with decorative and fancy elements

The corrugated metal ties are nalied to the main frame of the house.

Weep holes are placed at intervals to allow for passage of seeped water and the wall is backed by vapor barrier such as asphalt felt paper.

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