Concrete Patio

Cancrete can be a very good material for outdoor patio areas. It can be cheap on the budget and it does not have to be plain or ugly.

It is highly durable and costs lower in maintenance compared to wooden patios, which need to be replaced/ repaired due to worn out wrapping etc.

There are textures with different colors available that can be added for extra effects and looking good matching with surrounding theme or walls.
Apart from that, texture also helps in clean look and prevents too much dust from attaching to concrete.

However, concrete paving should be taken care to prevent forming cracks. Because concrete slabs on grade are relatively thin in relation to other dimensions and usually are relatively lightly reinforced, they are prone to cracking. This is due to stresses caused by thermal movement and differential settlements.

Such cracks should be prevented to occur randomly, since they can be unsightly and spoil the good looks and efficiency.

Most commonly, cracking in concrete slabs on grade is managed by introducing an organized system of joints into the concrete layer – that allow stresses to be relieved without compromising the appearance or performance of the concrete patio.

Using concrete for patio is a good idea and is long lasting one if done right. Its not hard to do. On top of that, it can be covered with carpet or other flooring if you upgrade or change your patio with some other material if your tastes change in future.

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