Construction Daily Report Recipients

Lets take a look at the people associated with a construction daily report. They can be divided into two types:
1. Those who are responsibe for the creation of daily report, and
2. Those who are its recipients.

The creation of daily reports is of course handled by those staff that are directly in charge of the resources on a construction site. Those include Foremen, Engineers, Superintendents or Construction managers. However, there are those people who are equally crucial to the success of the project and should receive the daily reports without any delay. Those (apart from Project manager) are, the control engineers including planners, cost engineers or estimators, schedulers, time keepers, equipment operations, site administration and client and consultants representative. This is because there are crucial information in those daily reports that will help the control professionals do their job effectively and in turn lead to higher chances of success for the project.

Let’s see the information needed by those professionals.

Planners & schedulers : The planners and schedulers will need to have the details related to delays and claims, but also to see that critical activities are not behind schedule and any delay is recorded, preferable with photos.
Cost Estimators: The cost estimator will need the cost codes and resource consumption as recorded on the daily report information, as also the delays and other important events to quantify the events.

Time Keepers: They will need the crew size for the day including direct and indirect manpower for the whole jobsite.

Administrators: Administrators such as project office managers will use the daily reports to confirm the crew on site and occasionally check on the machinery used.

Equipment Supervisor: Construction equipment supervisor takes care of the equipment used for construction including operations, maintenance and repair during their use on job site and managing requests for equipment from various sections of the jobsite. It is his job to maintain the equipment for effective and the records of the equipment used play very important role in that.

Construction Managers: The effective use of the main works going on the site, the resources used and their co-ordination is managed by the construction manager and the first thing that he reviews is the daily work report and crew and other resources, both for the job ahead and for observing for previous day to ensure efficient operations.

Project Manager: He will need the report for an overview of the works and resources on the jobsite every day and recording of any special event such as delay, bad weather, safety issue and so on. He will also need to review the report before submitting to the client.

Client: The client receives the daily report as part of the promise made in the contract by the contractor to provide daily information of the works going on the project site as also receive the weekly and monthly reports.

The above organisation of the project site, offcourse, may differ from company to company and on the size of the project, but it is generally applicable to a large number of construction projects.

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