Contractor Tools

Construction Math Feet-inch Calculator:

Construction staff has to deal with measurement and unit conversions pretty regularly. A calculator having a built in conversion is very handy indeed. Construction Math Feet-inch-Fraction Calculator by Calculated Industries provides handheld convenience, quick and accurate solutions and ready to use at the jobsite. Construction Master Pro Model 4065 has full metric units (m,cm,mm) and decimal feet as well as Feet-Inch-Fraction, Fractional Inch, Yards. It also includes right angled and rafter calculations including pith slope and grade. The 4080 model also includes vide variety of trigonometric functions.

Contractor cost data 2019:

One of the most important provider of cost data specializing in the construction industry and a standard has been from RS Means. Building Construction Costs With RSMeans Data 2019 helps to deliver more accurate cost estimates and improve profitability. The latest edition of this bestselling cost guide has been updated and expanded to provide you with the information you need to estimate projects with confidence and accuracy, improve project planning and budgeting, and reduce risk.

National Construction Estimator 2019

It provides current building costs for residential, commercial, and industrial construction. Estimated prices for every common building material, the labor cost to install the material and a total “installed” cost. It provides manhours, recommended crew, and the labor cost for installation of every job and practically every type of material in construction. Provides clear descriptions on what is included in the job being estimated so you know exactly what the job and the prices for that job entail. Every cost is carefully described. It even provides suggested crew sizes, and equipment rates.