How to make a Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart

Gantt chart – also known as Bar chart- is a simple planning technique to plan any project in a given time frame.
It is a simple method like any other chart based method, except that it it is shown on a Time Scale.
It was first used in industrial production and popularized by Henry Gantt, hence the name. However, it was used even before that in industrial production in Europe.
In fact, it was used in production in a vertical format with the bars drawn from top to bottom!

The Gantt chart is drawn in the following steps:

1. Identify all the tasks (activities) involved in a project and and list them on the left hand side of the chart.
2. The durations as shown to the right it to a suitable scale such as weekly or monthly.
3. Each activity is represented by a double line known as bar.
4. A detailed working to establish the starting time and duration for each activity is done.
5. Each bar for each activity shows the starting time and the end time of the activity.

On the task, various stages of a particular activity can be shown. For example, in concrete work the bar can be divided into first floor, second floor, and so on. In case of doors and windows, fabrication, procurement, and fixing of doors can be shown. Also, in case of materials, order, purchase, or delivery of materials also can be shown.

The progress can be reviewed any time during monitoring of the project.The work that are completed are shown as shaded bars during each review.


A very simple planning technique which can be used for all types of works example building bridges, dams, a group of houses etc.

Progress can be monitored and remedial action can be taken based on the review.

Modification of the Gantt chart and updating based on new information is also possible.


The interrelationships between various activities cannot be properly established.

For using the Gantt chart with an integrated CPM (critical path method) networking techniques showing the relationships, we may need to use a software such as Microsoft project.

For very complex are large projects, which can run into thousands of activities, a bar chart may not show the proper perspective since that can run into hundreds of pages.
Again you will need software to filter the activities required to monitor at a particular time or period.

Milestone chart
It is an extension of the bar chart. Certain milestones are identified for each project. And these are shown on the time scale similar to a bar chart except that it does not have a duration since miletones are simply events or a point in time. Milestones are shaded whenever that milestone is reached for the project. The most important milestones offcourse, mark the beginning and the end of the project.

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